teen Driver’s Education

Approved Drivers Training Courses For Earning a Drivers Permit

To participate in a Teen Drivers Training program in the State of North Carolina, you must be 18 or younger when you take the course. If you are 18 or over visit North Carolina DMV to get a drivers permit. Precision Driving School can assist with Behind the Wheel training after you get your drivers permit.


Teaching Safe Drivers


30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of on-road training


Piece of mind for parents


Experienced, certified instructors

Our Courses for Teens

The precision Driving school provides comprehensive driver education to prepare teens and adults to be safe drivers for life. We help students learn the rules and regulations of driving, develop safe driving habits, and gain the confidence to be safe decision-makers while driving.


Driving Lessons

One-on-one driving lessons with expert and caring state-certified instructors that are tailored to the needs of each individual student and designed to build a foundation of safe driving habits. (You must be 18 or younger to participate in a Teen driving program)


Drive Awareness Programs

Students 18 and older are eligible to take an intensive four-hour program on driving laws and safe driving principles. Students are encouraged to study the North Carolina Drivers Handbook before class


Comprehensive Programs

All of our comprehensive programs meet State requirements for 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel training, which will help prepare students for a lifetime of safe driving


Class Schedules

At Precision Driving School, we know how busy everyone’s lives can be. Our flexible class schedules makes it easy to schedule classes..


Fast, Convenient, Safe

Easy to find location in a safe and clean environment

Modern Tools & Courses

All training materials are included in the course fees. 

A Team Who Cares

Our dedicated instructors care about our student’s success and safety.




Peace of Mind





DriveRs Ed training for Teenagers

Precision Driving School strives to provide a safe, quality driver’s training experience for our Teen students. After completing our training students will have learned the necessary skills to make smart driving decisions.


State Required Drivers Education

You can start driver’s education as early as age  14½ and receive your permit at age 15. We deliver the state-mandated 30-hour classroom program in engaging and interactive courses. Our 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training focuses on building skills that help students become safe decision-makers while driving.


Get Your Permit

Precision Driving School’s classroom experience will prepare you to pass the written permit test,. Our program focuses on teaching you how to make safe decisions while driving. Once you have completed the drivers training program and are at least 14 years and 6 months old, you are eligible to take your permit test. Upon passing the test and reaching your 15th birthday, you can apply for your permit at the DMV.


6 Hours of On Road Driving Instruction & License Test

Driving lessons are not only a state requirement for young teens, they also offer a wide range of benefits. Our lessons are designed to cultivate a lifetime of safe habits and increase confidence behind the wheel. We find that students who complete at least six hours of professional behind-the-wheel driving instruction within the first six months of holding their permits are more likely to pass the license test than students who wait.

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